With his experience as a fortune 500 executive, CHRO, board advisor, executive coach and a builder and champion of top-performing teams, it’s no surprise that Andrew Block has earned a reputation as a highly respected global business leader and sought-after advisor. He’s a trusted confidant to CEOs, Executive teams, and Boards of Directors. Andrew is Founder and President of Block Performance Solutions, an executive coaching and human capital consulting firm.

As a strategist, innovative problem-solver, and change agent, he is actively sought out for coaching, collaborations, advice, and speaking engagements. High integrity, technical expertise, and his strong business acumen help him lead individuals and organizations to their next level of growth, productivity, and profitability.

Executive Background

Andrew Block’s experience as a Fortune 500 executive gives him a wealth of real-world knowledge of the challenges that executives face day-to-day. He understands the importance of delivering against both short and long-term goals. Andrew also has a proven track-record of collaboration, and partnering with leadership teams, as well as working with board members within an organization to drive shareholder value. Through the years, he’s gained experience in multiple business cycles, including high-growth, consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions. All this experience and expertise is leveraged in his coaching and consulting with clients at Block Performance Solutions.

Andrew Block

Human Capital Acumen

Andrew uses his deep and broad human resources experience to improve effectiveness. He has proven success in setting human capital and organizational strategy; and building the capabilities required to support the organization’s ability to deliver to its clients and its shareholders.

As a leader and a person, Andrew is passionate about diversity, equality, and inclusion. He has developed, implemented, and championed D, E & I strategy and programs throughout his career. He holds as a core value the belief that all voices must be heard, all team members have the opportunity to be their best, and that all team members are treated with equality.

Coaching and Consulting

Andrew has proven success in empowering others to grow and succeed, while ensuring alignment with their company’s mission, vision, and values. As a coach and consultant, he applies his real-world executive experience, leadership, and human capital expertise and his strong interpersonal capabilities to enable client success. The focus is on unlocking potential and driving results.

Board Service

Andrew has over ten years of experiences working with boards in multiple capacities which include: strategy development, CEO and executive succession, executive compensation, mergers, and acquisitions; and Environmental, Social, and Governance matters. He currently sits on the Be The Match Foundation board. His board experience is extensive, and he welcomes invitations to add his expertise to additional boards.

Education Background

Andrew holds a master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He also holds accreditation from the College of Executive Coaching, an ICF-certified program.


Andrew and his wife, Jennifer, have one adult daughter and enjoy the arts, as well as running marathons, biking, and traveling to experience different cultures. They currently reside in New York City, USA.

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