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Block Performance Solutions

is a trusted leadership and executive coaching partner.

We offer an experienced perspective on executive coaching, leadership development, human capital capabilities, and organizational effectiveness.

We take a differentiating approach to coaching and consulting. Our executive leadership experience across multiple industries allows us to deliver support to businesses in all stages of development, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs.

We focus on and deliver extraordinary results in the following areas: Executive Coaching, Growing & Assessing Talent, Developing Inspirational Leadership, Leading Succession Planning, Developing Human Capital Strategy, and Designing Effective Organizations

Leadership & Executive Coaching

We work with leaders and executives to broaden, develop, and motivate them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Our six to twelve-month programs typically include individual coaching sessions, assessments, and 360 feedback based on the client’s specific objectives.

Leadership Development

We design our programs to provide actionable tools, insights, and strategies. Leaders use their new capabilities to effectively lead their teams to achieve the desired results. We offer custom solutions with virtual, on-site, and hybrid delivery options. You’ll find solutions designed to build leadership at all levels of your organization.

Human Capital Consulting

We form strong partnerships with organizations to develop and execute people strategies that drive results. Our team serves as strategic advisors to boards, CEOs, CHROs, business line leaders, and functional executives across various industries to maximize outcomes and efficiencies through their teams.

Organizational Effectiveness

We consult with organizations to maximize effectiveness. Partnering with organizations, we identify and build alignment between what they provide, what their customer expects, and the results they hope to achieve. Emphasis is placed on creating the architecture, systems, and programs to improve business performance.

Personalization & Partnership

“The difference between BPS and other executive coaches I’ve worked with comes down to two things: personalization and partnership. It was never about getting on the calendar or using a template. The team was available at any time to kick around ideas and be a true thought partner. They built coaching guidance directly from the real-world interactions I shared with them.”

C-level executive at Fortune 500 organization.

Invaluable Coach & Advisor

“Andrew has been an invaluable coach and advisor. In addition to utilizing Andrew’s coaching services, I also leveraged Andrew to set our HR strategy and build our three-year roadmap.”

C-level HR Executive at small-cap organization

Exceeded Expectations

“In my experience with Andrew he was very clear that as an HR/Talent Team we needed to understand and link everything we do to the business objectives. He partnered with me closely, as a coach and an advisor. He was instrumental in guiding the development and execution of the global talent strategy. He always focused me and the team on our need to exceed the expectations of both our internal clients and customers on what we deliver.”

Talent Management Executive at Fortune 500 organization


“During a period of rapid expansion, we partnered with Andrew to ensure we were developing the future leadership talent required to achieve our growth goals. Based on the specific needs of our business, Andrew guided us in the development and implementation of the required succession planning, leadership development and D, E & I programing to develop the leaders required to drive our growth.”

HR Executive in the Hospitality Industry

What Makes Us Different?

Executive Coaching - Block Performance Solutions

Block Performance Solutions provides practical solutions that will have an immediate impact on your effectiveness as a leader. Far too often, leadership and coaching programs exist in an “academic environment.” Examples are given, insights to best practices are shared, and solutions seem clear.

However, once you go back to day-to-day activities and processes, you may find it challenging to apply those practices. When you are unable to, you don’t see the anticipated results.

Emotional Intelligence Improves Performance

Emotional Intelligence Improves Performance

Leading in today’s dynamic business environment is incredibly challenging, even for the strongest leaders. New challenges confront leaders daily. These challenges may include dealing with a supply chain challenge, managing the impact of inflation, adjusting to leading...

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Starting Your Executive Coaching Engagement

Starting Your Executive Coaching Engagement

Not every executive coaching program looks the same. While engagements vary based on the specific needs of the leader and the organization, most arrangements would include some core elements and follow a particular formula. To gain a glimpse of the coaching process,...

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When to Engage an Executive Coach?

When to Engage an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaches Enable Leaders To Maximize Their Success There is a lot of misinformation about what executive coaching is and how they add value. For example, many leaders still believe executive coaches tell you what to do; or are only used to “fix” a leader who...

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