Starting Your Executive Coaching Engagement

Not every executive coaching program looks the same. While engagements vary based on the specific needs of the leader and the organization, most arrangements would include some core elements and follow a particular formula. To gain a glimpse of the coaching process, read on.

The Executive Coaching Process

  1. Alignment: As a coaching engagement begins, it is critical that all parties (leader, organizational sponsor, coach, etc.) have the same understanding of the process and desired outcomes of the process.
  2. Gaining Insights: The first phase of a coaching program typically includes gathering insights from oneself and others. Coaches use various methods to collect these insights, including self-assessments, 360-degree feedback, and interviews.
  3. Goal Setting: Based on the insights gained, where the leader wants to focus, and the organization’s needs, the coach will work with the leader to set clearly defined goals the leader will focus on during the engagement.
  4. One-on-One coaching sessions: During the engagement period, the leader and coach will engage in regular sessions, typically 2-3 times a month. During these sessions, the focus is usually on micro-goals identified by the leader that they believe would drive their short- and long-term success.
  5. Sponsor Check-Ins: The executive coach will often schedule periodic check-ins with the executive sponsor (typically the leader’s direct manager). During these check-ins, the leader can share learnings and progress as appropriate and ask for the manager’s feedback.
  6. Conclusion of Engagement: At the end of a coaching engagement, it is typical to do a final review of progress made against the goals. It is also important to identify what resources the leader will need to continue to support their growth and, if appropriate, discuss the merits of continuing the engagement.

Executive Coaching

Who Is A Good Candidate For Executive Coaching?

While just about anyone can benefit from coaching, leaders who tend to get the most out of working with an executive coach typically have a track record of delivering results. They also possess a growth mindset and a passion for becoming the best leader they can be.

How Do I Choose The Right Coach?

Good executive coaches have been trained as coaches. They can also quickly understand their client’s business. Ideally, they have been a leader themselves. This combination of leadership experience and coaching capabilities provides a level of confidence and credibility in the coach. It also allows the coach to understand better the context and nuances of the experiences the leader faces on a regular basis.

Once a potential executive coach is identified, it is important that the coach and leader connect to make sure there is a good fit before committing to the engagement.

Getting started

Executive coaching can play an essential role in maximizing the potential of leaders and ultimately driving the results of the organization. Using the guidelines discussed here can help ensure the success of the engagement and the leader’s growth.

As you consider engaging a coach, either for yourself or one of your leaders, your first step is to reach out to a coach. At Block Performance Solutions, we meet with prospective clients like you to have a discovery call. We will discuss specific needs and see if there is a good fit between us and your development needs. If you would like to give your team the advantage of executive coaching, contact us today.  Let’s start the conversation!

Andrew Block

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With his experience as a fortune 500 executive, CHRO, board advisor, executive coach and a builder and champion of top-performing teams, it’s no surprise that Andrew Block has earned a reputation as a highly respected global business leader and sought-after advisor. He’s a trusted confidant to CEOs, Executive teams, and Boards of Directors. Andrew is Founder and President of Block Performance Solutions, an executive coaching and human capital consulting firm.




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