What Makes Us Different


Many executive coaching and leadership organizations provide coaches who lack real-world executive experience… In short, they’ve never walked a mile in your shoes. At Block Performance Solutions, our team consists of former business leaders. They have experienced many of the same challenges you encounter every day. We leverage deep business expertise and apply best-practice coaching and consulting with first-hand knowledge. This provides a truly unique, differentiated experience.

How Are We Different?

Far too often, leadership and coaching programs deal exclusively in hypotheticals and theories. Examples are given, insights to best practices are shared, and solutions seem clear. Our approach is to combine best practices with real-world knowledge and experience. We bring practical solutions that will have an immediate impact on your effectiveness as a leader.

What You Get With Block Performance Solutions

We offer a unique approach to coaching and leadership development. Our programs start with listening and ensuring we integrate your specific business needs into our approach, content, and solutions. We don’t simply provide generic materials; we listen to understand your specific needs and goals.

A True Business Partner

No two firms are alike. That’s why from the start, we spend time with our clients collecting specifics on culture, challenges, and goals. We partner with you to build the right approach to drive success.

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