When to Engage an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaches Enable Leaders To Maximize Their Success

There is a lot of misinformation about what executive coaching is and how they add value. For example, many leaders still believe executive coaches tell you what to do; or are only used to “fix” a leader who is no longer performing. Not true!

What is Executive Coaching?

Many top leaders engage executive coaches in today’s demanding and ever-changing workplace. They want to maximize their potential and deliver results for their organizations. Executive coaches help clients understand themselves and others better, identify their strengths and goals; and ultimately maximize their potential as they achieve the results they and their organization expect.

A good coach acts as a strategic thought partner and an accountability partner while helping their client grow and develop from within themselves.

Executive Coach

When Should You Use An Executive Coach?

There are many situations when CEOs and organizations look to an executive coach to work with their key leaders. A few of the more common scenarios include:

High-Potential Succession Candidates

Many organizations will leverage executive coaching to help accelerate a leader’s readiness to take on an expanded role within the organization. In this case, executive coaching plays a crucial role in preparing, developing, and retaining the organization’s next generation of leaders.

New Leaders and Executives

Often when a leader is newly promoted or has recently joined an organization, an executive coach is utilized. This ensures the leader gets off to a successful start in their new role. All to often organizations move a leader into a new position only to have the individual underperform. An executive coach serves as a valuable thought partner as the leader works to deliver the expected results during their first year in the new role.

High-Performing Leaders

Many organizations provide executive coaches to their top leaders. These are the individuals the company counts on to set strategy, develop talent, shape culture, and drive the results for the organization. Executive coaching is considered a critical investment in the ongoing development of these key leaders.

A Valued Leader Has Hit a Speed Bump

Even strong performers can get stuck, or a bit derailed. Many personal and professional challenges can contribute to a slump. Good leaders identify when this is occurring and initiate dialogue around the situation. Often an executive coach is brought in to assist in helping the leader gain insight and clarity on what is contributing to the slump. Then the coach will assist them in identifying the appropriate goals and action plan to maximize their effectiveness and deliver the expected results to the organization.

Don’t Wait Until There’s a Problem!

Executive coaching can play an important role in maximizing the potential of leaders and ultimately driving the results of the organization. There are many circumstances where executive coaching can make a real difference. The help coaching provides can make organizations and people more robust and productive. If you want to give your team this advantage, contact us a Block Performance Solutions. We’ll show you how we can help your organization meet its optimum performance and enjoy maximum success!

Andrew Block

Global Business Executive • Chief Human Resources Officer •
Strategist • Executive Coach

With his experience as a fortune 500 executive, CHRO, board advisor, executive coach and a builder and champion of top-performing teams, it’s no surprise that Andrew Block has earned a reputation as a highly respected global business leader and sought-after advisor. He’s a trusted confidant to CEOs, Executive teams, and Boards of Directors. Andrew is Founder and President of Block Performance Solutions, an executive coaching and human capital consulting firm.

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